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Thanks to Cooler Master’s patented Dual Loop heatpipe design, Hyper T2 is able to provide superior cooling performance compared to other dual heatpipe CPU coolers. The special Dual Loop heatpipes form a Continuous Direct Contact (CDC) surface, allowing Hyper T2 to quickly and effectively cool CPU hotspots. An easy-to-use, universal mounting system and compact size makes installation and removal a breeze with support and compatibility with all common motherboard and CPU types.

Cooler Master Hyper T2 CPU Cooler

  • -Patented Dual Loop heat pipe design for double the heat pipe to CPU contact area
    -Patented Continuous Direct Contact (CDC) base for quick and effective cooling with minimal thermal resistance
    -Snap-on brackets for quick and easy installation and removal of fan
    -Easy-to-use, universal mounting system for all common Intel and AMD platforms
    -Compact size for increased case and motherboard compatibility
    -92mm fan for maximized cooling from a compact heatsink
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