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12" ultra bright cold cathode tubes encased in its acrylic tube with ends sealed with rubber mounts for safety from breakage and aesthetics. Velcro Straps for mounting anywhere in your case. Low profile bulb fits almost anywhere. The inverter is covered with a blue plastic box for safety, not painted black or plain like others. Female and Male Molex connector for 12v power. Includes PCI backplate switch. All leads to switches are 100% professionally manufactured. This kit is 100% percent completely assembled and PC ready.

Logisys Dual 12" Cold Cathode Kit (RED)

  • High brightness, high efficiency and high reliability
    Brightness: 28,000~30,000 cd/m
    Lifetime: 30,000 hours
    Tube diameter: 3.0mm, Tube length: 300mm/100mm
    Input voltage of inverter: 12v, Input voltage of inverter: 12v, Current draw: 5.0mAv
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