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The 1-to-3 RGB Splitter Cables allow users to connect three RGB LED fans and strips through a single motherboard RGB pin header, offering expandability and flexibility needed to build up aesthetically beautiful lighting systems. With standard 4-pin RGB header that is also capable of connecting to 5-pin header without an adapter, and the length of 58 cm, you can get the lighting that you want with none of the hassle. You can also daisy-chain multiple splitters, so possibilities are endless.

RGB Splitter Cable (4-pin / 5-pin)

    • 1-to-3 RGB Splitter Cable
    • Extend Multiple RGB LED fans and LED Strips
    • Flexible 58 cm or 22.83 inches in Length for Cable Routing
    • 5-pin and 4-pin RGB Header Compatibility
    • Both 4-pin RGB Header and 5-pin RGBW Header Without Requiring Any Adapter


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